Turn a Palm Leaf into a Sculpture of Light

By on April 23, 2020 Decorating Ideas

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Ceci Ferrero designed this lighting collection using natural fibers, creating unique pieces that evoke nature, sustainability and the cozy charm of warmth shades. Looking like leather but actually made from the surprising leaf of the American palm tree. The chocolate colour and fibrous texture with a natural sheen, serve to lend COURO the Let’s Pause lamp collection, its innovative character.

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Ceci Ferrero, expert designer in up-cycling, who practices the art of slow design in her creative workshop located in Vall d’en Bas (Gerona), has created a collection of lamps for Let’s Pause that explores new ways of using materials that test the versatility of natural fibre through an exercise in simplicity. With COURO the qualities of this especially hard wearing and malleable leaf of the American palm tree are exploited in order to create two different models that share a sophisticated cacao colour and the texture of vegetable leather.

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The strength and flexibility of this leaf accounts for its original function, protecting the most delicate part of the tree, its flower. During the month of March when the palm tree is in flower this aspect becomes redundant and the leaves are then collected. Once Mother Nature has run its course Let’s Pause steps in and transforms them into magical sculptures that project a sensual and enchanting light diffused through the leaf’s irregular texture. No other element is required other than a light bulb holder.

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The most basic model is made from a single leaf opening over itself that extends like a mesh and makes the cross fibrous structure of the leaf visible. The eight leaf version is conceived as a hanging lamp for generating sophisticated ambiences in dining areas living rooms or for making a designer statement in public spaces. Its possibilities are endless.

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To ensure that COURO remains in pristine condition we recommend cleaning with a damp cloth. Each lamp shade is delivered with a cotton mat black electrical cabling of 2.5 meters, a black lamp holder and plug and a brown aluminium frame.

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Taking advantage of this peculiar leaf, Let’s Pause designed a vegetable leather version of its iconic hat, which symbolizes the philosophy of the “pause”, promoting slow living in harmony with nature and its pace.

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