The White Tower – House in Puglia by DOS Architects

By on April 10, 2020 Home Decor

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Architect Lorenzo Grifantini stacked the bedrooms of his own house in Puglia, Italy, inside a 12-metre-high white tower overlooking a large courtyard. Called La Torre Bianca, or The White Tower, the villa in Gagliano del Capo was designed by Grifantini, a founder of DOS Architects, as a home for his own family away from the “hustle and bustle” of their life in London.

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The central courtyard features a swimming pool and large tree. A cluster of high-ceilinged volumes house the living, kitchen, dining and guest bedroom areas, which open directly onto this external space through sliding glass doors.

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“The central courtyard is the real heart of the house,” said Grifantini. “A place of conviviality and play, where the swimming pool and carefully selected vegetation reproduce the presence of natural elements.”

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A canopy made of white-painted iron and bamboo wraps around this courtyard. unifying all of the disparate rooms in a single external space. An outdoor seating area is in front of the dining room.

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These white elevations are intended to emphasise the natural elements throughout the home, as well as creating a play of light and shadow in the courtyard and interiors. “Each and every element of the house contributes to its cohesive architectural synthesis,” said the studio.

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“The volumes, the canopy, the planters, the interior furnishings embedded in the masonry, the pool and the fireplace in dialogue with each other create a unique architectural block.” References: dezeen; Photos: Carlo Carossio;

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