Chic Tropical Open-Plan Living Villa in Bali

By on March 16, 2020 Home Decor

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This luxurious resort in Bally features three villas with intriguing and pure interior compositions situated amongst luscious gardens, swimming pools, and the infinite sun and sea view of a tropical paradise.

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Villa Massilia captured our eye and scratched our interest in their design not only because of the impeccable and luxurious transition from vernacular architecture to modern comfort but also because of the intriguing and flexible combination between earthly, organic materials and modern, trendy design and high tech insertions. The designer used the specifics of local architectural traditions: sloped A-framed roofs covered with signature vegetation; premises open towards the surrounding garden in combination with vintage and rural furniture elements and tribal pattern fabric to embed the earthly spirit and tradition of the exotic location, into the modern comfort interior.

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Bathrooms are a perfect example of this merge between modern, trendy decor and vernacular, organic design trends. Stone bathtubs, clay, cement, inside gardens and craft wood insertions are combined with trendy tile selections, modern appliances (mainly the stylish black metal details for showers and sings), and some unique lamps. And speaking of unique lamp designs, signature pieces of those can be found throughout the villa’s decor: woven rattan, wooden craft of even stone or metal shapes of the illuminating objects give an artistic spice to the open sunny premises and provide light when the tropical sun goes down.

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An artistic touch for the modern smoothness of the rooms also comes from the local craft, wooden furniture pieces, sculptures, and colorful textural patterns spreading organic beauty all around. We love the wooden tables and chairs used in all three of the villa’s decor: some are using the natural curve of the wooden piece – showing exceptional craft and art core; others have that rustic and vintage feel of handmade furniture element. They sit very well in the vast open premises under the tent of the exposed roof structures – quite a clever architectural solution. The absolute jewel of one of the open plan living premises is the antique wood armoires with beautiful fretwork.

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Other features of the villa’s interior inspired by local traditions are the wooden bed platforms in the master bedrooms. This decor solution is beautifully supplemented by the linen textiles, rattan screens, and organic details and the tribble pattern of the textural additions. Perfect for relaxing on, after a long day swimming.

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The fully equipped kitchens of the villas also deserve some special attention because they are a magnificent example of modern, organic decor trends. Decided in minimalist language with mainly white structures and light wooden shelves, they offer spacious comfort, simple lines, and purity of expression that sits very well in the open plan exposition of the daily areas of the villas. Cozy living room spaces with art and craft elements, inviting resting zones, exotic bathrooms, and the comfortable ketches – all interconnected and with a free and unobstructed view with the tropical gardens surrounding the villa’s luxurious decor.

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