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By on February 10, 2020 Stylish Apartments

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The “raw white” house design project by Atelier Ligia Casanova is an absolute delight. It doesn’t only possess all the signature trades of hot and trendy vintage – organic home. Still, it also has the so -challenging to achieve, unique character and high artistic value of the decor details.

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The hart and organic inspiration can be felt although the decor. And as the creators of this restored “barn” home project say, it is a house that makes room for happiness. White luminosity and vibrant tactile sensations coming from the precious organic materials: white washed brick walls, reclaimed wood, stone, linen and cotton, caramel wood and beige rattan, compose a space of absolute delight for the senses.

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The color palette is also an ultimate sophistication and delicate style. White luminous base (rich to the point of over 20 white shades varying form the beige e to the gray spectrum of the scale ), and accents in metal gray, wood honey and straw, and beiges: the pure and delicate touch of nature with some dynamic accents.

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Apart from that sophistication and style achieved by the color and materials palette, the unique character of the home comes from the abundant usage of vintage details – all selected with care and matching in style, in combination with some very playful, clever and elegant art details. With a sense of humor and style, the designers build unique architectural construct, selected vintage accents, and executed an appropriation of objects in combination with a selection of romantic past pieces, thus composing an ambiance that offers comfort, serine refuge and character.

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Long narrow kitchen (a space configuration so typical for old farmhouses) hosts a mixture of modern appliances and vintage details. Interesting architectural solution is that a wooden barn fence creates a box in the middle of the open premise, under the A-framed roof, where the kitchen and guest bedroom zones are hosted in seclusion from the social zones.

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This box in the middle and high ceiling configuration is fairly hot and trendy for modern city lofts and small urban apartments. It is intriguing and quite refreshing as a solution here – dynamic and functional – artsy and character-defining. In the open floor configuration of dining and living room areas, a mixture of vintage furniture pieces and decorative items creates a welcoming and comfortable dally zone. Victorian style sofa and armchairs are surrounding the granny-home-like fireplace.

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Artistic details and cute vintage armoires are giving a charming spice to the composition, comfortably snuggled in the rich textural embrace of whitewashed brick and stone walls and the exposed wooden beams of the high sloped roof. In the master bedroom, which is connected to the absolutely gorgeous bathroom, one of the stone walls has a negative like coloring in charcoal gray, creating not only a focal accent but giving a warmer and cozier feel of a cave-like space. The feeling is enhanced by the long charcoal gray curtains and by the contrast with the light linen textiles.

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But in the end, if you think about it, despite the variety of decor details and textures, the place is sustained in minimalist purity. Noting not needed, noting over the top, still vibrant and artistic, with character and oh, so, welcoming emanation. But that is vintage-organic for you.

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