12 Outdoor Rustic Decor Ideas that You Must Try this Year

By on January 1, 2020 Outdoor Spaces

outdoor rustic decor fire pit area 1

And if we follow the logic of the definition of outdoor rustic decor stylistic as something close to nature, inspired by a farm and country style life, it is only logical that the best emanations of that stylistic will fit in the decoration of the outdoor premises, gardens, and terraces. The key elements of the rustic stylistics- branches, logs, twigs, linen textiles, and rattan furniture pieces sit perfectly amongst sunbeams, lush plant and vegetation, and with some spicy modern additions will make the perfect decor composition for your outdoor refuge.

outdoor rustic decor dining table 3

The outdoor zone itself can be viewed as a combination of different functionalities and angles – a space of relax and seclusion if needed, a space to gather with friends, a space to consume food and beverages in a natural environment and, if lucky to have enough space, a zone with water premise and spa attractions. Here are some examples of well planned and executed outdoor premises for relaxation and enjoyment that carry the distinctive features of outdoor rustic decor.

rustic earthy tones joshua tree house campfire pit 5

First, this oh, so inviting and stylish project of Joshua Tree located just outside the Saguaro National Park. Following the natural curve of the circular shape (for the most natural and harmonic experience of home), the designer created a suspended fire pit area that invites for friends gathering. The designer used white painted clay and osier furniture pieces that come perfectly with the surrounding canyon landscape. The simplistic outdoor compassion of this rustic modern design is cleverly orientated towards the spectacular sunset views.

outdoor rustic decor wooden furniture

This next project gives us a glimpse of the master tricks of interior designer Albert Aubach. Cozy natural environment with lush vegetation and wooden furniture elements entwines vernacular touches with modern simplicity. The sink in composition of the garden lounge is snugly and stylish. Simple – even rough tables are paired up with fixed in wooden bench and cute round stools.

outdoor rustic decor ibiza design terrace

La Granja Ibiza is a members-only retreat with a rustic “back-to-basics” design. The design of this conceptual hotel retreat honors the rustic simplicity and search of nature in a busy modern society.

outdoor rustic decor wooden tabel garden

Combining simple modern shapes and organic nuances, the terrace offers a calm purity of ambiance. Hosted beneath a shadow providing canopy of branches, a large wooden table invites for a meal gathering. Antique like farming chairs complete the dynamic touch of the terrace composition.

vocation home ibiza outdoor dining area

This villa on the island of Ibiza belongs to the Spanish designer Virginia Nieto, and it is no wonder that its outside decor project offers a stylish take on natural and modern entwinement. As we have said before is always fascinating to observe the projects of interior designers and architects that they compose for themselves and their families. The entwinement of white, wood, and fresh green brings a tranquil, organic sensation to the simple modern shape of the composition.

outdoor rustic decor terrace pool

This paradise-like terrace is a project of Block722 studio and a part of a holiday home in Greece. The design theme created an entwinement of vernacular traditions of Mediterranean island decors and modern minimalism and simplicity. The local tradition of thick stone walls and clay covered structures, patios, water pools, and pergolas is combined with modern simple and functional shapes and minimalist decor details. In this case, the infinity pool is surrounded by organic insertions, eco-friendly materials, and a perfect example of rustic modern. Just check out those umbrellas with the crocheted tops!

asian style spa outdoor 1

asian style spa outdoor

This project carried out by IDLaboratorium had transformed a private residence into an eclectic boutique hotel with a design that brings together the tranquil essence of an island retreat with both rural rusticity and a devastating urban appeal. An Asian style spa outdoor project offers a soul-cleansing treatment in organic and yet dynamic ambiance.

rustic modern outdoor spa

This outside premise not only enjoys a spectacular view and characteristic plant life as a backdrop, but it also has a beautiful example of a rustic modern combination of decor. Renovating the typical rural house from the mid-1800s, Ruffinoassociati Architetti created a stylish and exquisite entwinement of simplistic, organic, and unique features.

outdoor waterfall shower

An outdoor waterfall shower nestled between tall stone walls offers and comfort and paradise-like ambiance with the touch of minimalist decorative elements – clay pots and bamboo structures.

outdoor rustic decor mediterranean garden patio

The duo architect Ilias Mastrominas, and interior designer Annabell Kutucu created this Mediterranean paradise hotel experience that gives to each room and premises a generous terrace and access to the surrounding gardens and water premises. The textural idea combines stone and water, plant, and bamboo meshes.

outdoor rustic decor mediterranean garden 4

The clean lines of mid-century modernism inspire the furniture composition, cleverly entwined with rough, natural textures and exotic handmade accessories, giving the decor its touch of well-balanced charm. Earthly tonalities – magnificently dominated by trendy gray: warm, organic materials and smooth white painted clay surfaces – beauty for relaxation and chill out garden time with a book and a tea.

rustic decor mediterranean garden patio 1

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