62 Modern Rustic Decor Ideas to Achieve Your Dream Home

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functional outdoor rustic decor

If you come to think of it, Modern Rustic is like a delicious home cooked meal: rich and warm, a delight for the senses, and with that indistinguishable spice of being just right. The key is in the balance between the ingredients and in its maximal closeness to the natural state of things. They say opposites attract why not to be true about design styles?

functional rustic decor 1

Image credit: Casas AD

Modern Rustic at first glance looks like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? I mean – rustic, natural, old fashioned, countryside like life and modern in its majority: urban, dynamic, functional. But the more you think about it, the more attractive it becomes – why not to combine the organic and relaxed feel of mountain escape with the newest technologies and ideas of contemporary design – and make your space both cozy and functional?

modern rustic bedroom decor

Image credit: living corriere

Let’s take a more detailed look into this picking up speed trend that has its own established name now. Check out the inspirational ideas for modern rustic decor that we selected for you and make your day more colorful, inspired, and close to Nature. In this article, we will explore some stylish examples of rustic modern design configurations from the world’s design scene for outdoor spaces, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

modern rustic diy outdoor area

Image credit: Blakstad Ibiza

The concept of rustic modern design started increasing its popularity since the begging of the century, and a lot of its initial inspiration and popularity comes from the California region. In its core, the decor movement combines organic elements – like reclaimed wood accents, twig racks, earthly tonalities, and clay or brass additions in stylish entwinement with the latest technology, materials, and design inventions and modern conveniences. The best part of its dynamic variety and flexibility of Nature it is that the design method can be applied for both; the creation of a room design in a new and modern home or at the restoration of older homes in an effort to keep their original charm while updating their utility for modern families.

neutral earthly color base dining area

Image credit: Bo Bedre

The craftsmanship of creating rustic design items for the home is characteristic with its inspiration and replica the old-time epoch when the homemade or craftsmanship origin of the elements used to live the wooden twigs, branches, and logs at their naked, original outlook. So now, the trend is to have an as pure and organic presence as possible. After all, the term “rustic” comes from Latin “rusticus” (peasant; as opposed to urban), and it should preserve some of its origins as homemade and raw stylistics.

mountain cabin cozyness

Image credit: Ralph Lauren

Many companies, artists, and craftspeople make rustic furniture in a variety of styles and with a variety of historical and contemporary influences. This variety of expressions in the modern rustic furniture creations leads to an interesting contradiction in its ranks. On the one hand the furniture element can be a representation of excellent craftsmanship and unique artistic style of its creator – various rustic furniture designers apply additional signature insertions such as chip carving, silver or gold brushwork, milk paint, peeled bark, and other decorative enhancements. In those cases, the rustic furniture craftsmanship movement can be viewed as a revival of European styles introduced during the Romantic Movement and actively reproduced in America and now all around the word with the unifying signature of a natural escape atmosphere.

mountain cabin cozyness 1

Image credit: Ralph Lauren

On the other hand, the modern rustic furniture design can sometimes refer to furniture pieces in their most naked and natural shape. Displaying the row core of the element used as furniture and in a conscious choice to present a complete lack of craftsmanship involved in its creation also becomes a trendy touch in modern rustic decor compositions. Quite often, you will find untreated or minimally treated logs as chairs of bedside/coffee tables. Those design insertions, specific for the rustic – modern stylistics, widen the definition of the word furniture.

organic textures textiles living area decor

Image credit: Annabell Kutucu

The modern rustic decor has many advantages and aspects that will enrich any design project: it brings warmth to monochromatic spaces, adds timeless profiles to contemporary designs, and allows homeowners to create eclectic spaces that reflect their personality. But mainly it provides a close connection with pure, organic materials and elements, and it returns the design of the homes to its original inspiration – the Nature. Precious gift for our busy and sometimes dirty modern lives.

homemade raw stylistic living room decor

Image credit: Dimora delle Balze

Sometimes it is hard to define what is more tempting: the location of a mountain cabin or the cozy, welcoming, and organic feel of its interior that gives you the sense of a close relation with Nature in a safe and comfy environment. So if that is something that you crave, you can achieve this organic coziness and feel even in the heart of the city easily – only by following some simple guidelines of the rustic modern movement in the creation of your home design.

monochromatic space timeless contemporary design

Image credit: Dimora delle Balze

Significant elements from the modern rustic stylistic are the weathered and refined furnishings, the organic fixtures, and the signature way in which branches and twigs are used. There are two basic types of rustic-furniture constructions: bentwood (sticks are harvested fresh or steamed to make them supple, then bent into a variety of structures and decorative shapes) and twig work (sticks – straight, curved or forked – are assembled into structures and decorative shapes within a structure). Timeless look and cozy inviting embrace of pure and organic configurations are just few of the hallmarks of this popular modern decor choice and intriguing stylistics for home ambiances. Let’s take a further look.

modern rustic stylistic refined furnishing

Image credit: Es Bec d’Aguila

So how exactly do you get the modern rustic decor look? Well, organic textures and textiles (a variety of choices are optional – clay, wood, rattan, bamboo, linen, and osier and so on) will create a warm base and bring the hint of mountain or island refuge. Spice that generously with trendy design elements, functional innovations, and comfortable configurations and you have it. But of course, “the devil is in the details” as they say, so let’s explore closer some examples that will give you clearer idea of the stylish trend known as a modern rustic decor.

craftsmanship creating rustic design home

Image credit: Quinta da Comporta Hotel

Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite modern rustic ideas and inspirations for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and more. A selection that present the essence of rustic decor set in various combinations with stylish modern touches. The charm of a mountain chalet, tropical island shelter, or a farmhouse design arranged in a comfortable, modern configuration. The neutral and earthly color base can be spiced up with some bold, trendy, and unusual nuances. In a nutshell, modern rustic is a spin of imagination and invention that returns us to our roots. Think purity, Nature and comfort in one cozy package.

modern rustic mirror frame diy

Image credit: Casas AD

Rustic Home Decor Ideas for Living Room

And imagine, after a yummy beverage on the terrace at sunset, you move with your friends and family into the house to continue the mountain retreat vibe in the living room. Here the rustic modern stylistic can give not only that cozy and homey feeling of an old timey cottage and sanctuary in the forest, but it also can be stylishly arranged as a unique and handmade decor expression of your aesthetical sense.

cozy feeling old timey cottage 1

Image credit: Scorpios

In truth the rustic stylistic inspire people for closeness and appreciation of traditions, the organic materials used usually in such compositions, the earthly tonalities and exposed organic surfaces can also become an inspiration for quality life and purity of communications. Exposed stone or brick walls, a colorful, natural fiber rug, comfy seating, and a roaring fire what could be finer than spending an afternoon reading in this cozy living space or enjoying your leisure time there?

modern rustic stylistic lambs and lions scorpios mykonos 1

Image credit: Scorpios

Small decor details of rustic stylistic – a coffee table made of log, charming rustic curtains, vintage pieces of decoration, or a well-worn rug in combination with modern amenities can give the sense a perfectly balanced quality and necessary functionality for you social zone composition. We selected for you some iconic and stylish living from designs sustained in the best traditions of modern rustic dynamics. Take a look and find your inspiration for your own “cottage in the forest” vibe in the social zones of your home.

modern rustic stylistic lambs and lions scorpios mykonos 2

Image credit: Scorpios

Here we have an amazing, artistic, and stylish celebration of traditional craftsmanship and local Greek culture. The design team successfully combined vernacular artisan object with contemporary minimalism and purity of expression to create a dynamic configuration for this s social zone premise. The crocheted hammock and the intriguing shapes of chairs and sofa’s platform invite for relaxation and quality socializing time.

modern rustic stylistic finca menorca 4

Image credit: Es Bec d’Aguila

This collaboration project between the innovating architects and local artisans resulted in inviting and chill living space. The elements of classical Minorcan architecture and organic furniture pieces (rattan chairs and unfinished wooden slabs for a coffee table) are combined with colorful textures with modern patterns, all set amongst the beautiful nature of the surrounding gardens and decided with clean, modern lines.

modern rustic stylistic finca menorca 13

Image credit: Es Bec d’Aguila

Here, set amongst the trendy and large modular sofas and simple functionality of the architectural shell, we have the strong focal accent of the rustic, metal clad wall that hosts the fireplace and the media set. This modern approach toward simple and functional TV walls is taken to the next level in this living room arrangement, adding an organic and rustic charm to the otherwise functional setting. Woven elements (baskets and chairs) just add to the balance between modern and rustic.

rustic metal clad wall fireplace media set

Image credit: Arquitectura y Diseno

Set amongst the pure white backdrop and fresh green plans stage, the artisan and local craftsmanship elements of this design project stand out, giving a homey and cozy feel to the whiteness of purity. The renovation project of this villa in Mallorca included in close collaboration many local craftspeople to create all of the key elements of the decor. The architects preserved the beautiful wooden beams of the ceiling artfully and exposed them as a strong focal point of the modern rustic decor composition.

mallorca house rustic interior 11

Image credit: Moredesign

This artistic and stylish project is a magnificent example of how rustic and craft decor elements can give a spicy spin to a modern artistic configuration. The project is the home of the designer Nanimarquina, and the artistic richness of colors, textures, and shapes is nothing less but expected. The trendy sofa project forms the focal center of the living room design, a modern piece of furniture, in fire engine red by Hella Jongerius, situated on top of the home’s owner design of a handwoven rug created by the iconic Bouroullec brothers. On the backdrop, an intriguing artisan collection of brushes and clay objects creates even stronger identity to this amazing project of a living room’s design.

spanish island Nanimarquina site sensitive home 9

Image credit: Nanimarquina

Another amazing living room setting in the Ibiza’s home of the designer Nanimarquina. When renovating the old farmhouse set amongst fig and olive trees, the architectural duo Martínez Lapeña and Elías Torres choose to use materials and finishes inspired by a primitive house – imperfect and rough – respecting in this way its authenticity and keeping its original spirit. Colorful touches and iconic design, modern pieces only spice further one the artistic and unique decor.

nanimarquina modern rustic home 14

Image credit: Nanimarquina

Тhe linear aesthetics and clear architectural shapes of the countryside villa in La Mola, Formentera go beautifully with the colorful rug and the warm accents of the rustic chairs and decorative details of the design. The overall feel of the space is one of warmth and welcoming chic with a touch of vintage artistry and a rural vibe thanks to cozy cushions and textural elements.

spanish island rustic home 5

Image credit: Deco de Formentera

A stylish, light and chic design composition for a small urban apartment. The Asian stylistic of the wooden chairs is eclectically mixed with Moroccan rug accent and rustic woven decorations and baskets. The combination is very elegantly balanced thanks to the monochrome color palette and the organic materials.

small space rustic decor 7

Image credit: Maison Hand

A cheerful and organic ambiance for the social zone of Quinta da Comporta Hotel in Portugal. An eclectic mixture of cheerful and artistic living room decor elements: rattan woven furniture pieces supplemented by untainted wood structures, and organic ingredients coexist with Moroccan motif textiles and woven colorful lamps.

rattan furniture rustic decor interior 3

Image credit: Quinta da Comporta Hotel

Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas

The Rustic style for kitchens is fantastic and rich in specific features, design stylistics. Its unique expression starts from the walls – they are usually clad in organic, sustainable materials; ether the durable insulator – stone, or the warm, homey touch of wooden veneer or if you are a fan of more classic and elegant touch – brick. Actually, a fundamental feature of the modern rustic designs is the usage of organic, natural materials. Imitations (even the good quality ones) are not acceptable.

modern rustic designs usage organic natural materials

Image credit: Hollie Bowden

Continuing with the ceiling: it is a stroke of excellent luck if you are renovating an old building, and it has its original supporting wooden beams, which, one can restore and expose. But new beams installation is also an acceptable approach for the ceiling design of rustic kitchen decor. Massive wooden frames (sometimes with some romantic or classic rims) for windows and doors are also a classic touch for the rustic composition. The kitchen cabinetry is usually custom made from wood. Actually, for small kitchens, simple wooden shelving is totally acceptable aesthetics. For a bonus, the wooden shelving can feature some craft-work and woodcarving decorations.

kitchen wood cabinets custom made

Image credit: Jonkmanshof

Traditionally in rustic and modern rustic decor settings, the food table is big, a massive wooden piece with stable legs surrounded by mismatched or full of character sittings elements. Chairs or the mountain hut symbol – wooden benches are a good option for the sitting arrangement. Small wooden stools and cushion rich options are also cute decor touch.

rustic kitchen decor kitchenware open shelves

Image credit: Glamour

Very often, the cutlery and the kitchenware are arranged on open shelves and used as a part of the decoration of the space. Remember, organic is your key for a stylish and real rustic vibe: contemporary insertions as plastic or glass furniture elements are not acceptable even in the modern rustic design. As close to nature, it is, the better.

rustic kitchen decor organic natural materials

Image credit: Virginia Nieto

The same goes for the metal details of the decor projects – copper, brass, or iron must be matte; the sparkling shine is not popular in rustic decor compositions. The artisan cast-iron or the copper and brass detailing and decorative objects are hot and trendy touch not only in modern design trends but also, an integral and characteristic trade of the rustic stylistics. So use them freely in your kitchen design project. Apart from the metal and possible clay additions, the wood is usually the base and most used material in rustic kitchens and their modern decor stylistics. Right treatment of the wooden elements is recommended; usage of original and vintage wooden elements and veneer surfaces is an extra bonus.

white rustic style kitchen 6

Image credit: Marta Castellano

Here we have a magnificent and elegant example of modern rustic design for a kitchen space. Exposed organic texture and vintage elements are combined with trendy hanging metal shelf (this detail: suspended metal frame with fresh green plant pots – is something that picks up speed on the words design scene of late). The exposed raw surfaces of bricks and wood give a warm textural touch. Whitewash painting on floors, walls, and furniture elements is adding to the pure and luminous atmosphere and stylish arrangement. The heart of the rustic configuration is the antique kitchen cabinetry. Still, its combination with modern and functional decor touches (smooth countertop and modern appliances) only adds to the stylish and elegant design of this kitchen project.

rustic style kitchen wooden ceiling

Image credit: Remodelista

This farmhouse-influenced kitchen with the distinctive aesthetics of an early American home is actually a jewel with details dating as far back as the 1700s. Hand-hewed frames, the flooring, sheathing, doors, and front windows, as well as chimney bricks, are reminiscent of another epoch, and those details are cleverly restored and entwined with stylish organic decorations. Woven baskets, cast iron lamps, vintage stylistic of cabinetry – all is combined in a romantic and pure ambiance.

rustic hacienda style kitchen 2

Image credit: Casas AD

This unusually high ceiling and rough space combines the historic feel of 19th century Hacienda located on the Mexican Yucatán Peninsula with the commodities and functional elements of modern kitchen functions. Exposed kitchenware shelving, organic textures, and top of the line appliances and lighting installations coexist in this stylish kitchen design configuration of the rustic modern trend.

rustic style kitchen brick floor

Image credit: Jonkmanshof

Another perfectly balanced combination between rustic warmth and modern functionalism. The copper details give such a warm, honey spark, don’t they? And what about the beautiful herringbone brick floor – a character-defining and unique feature. The farmhouse style kitchen also has marble and wrought-iron work surfaces exposed wooden shelving and antique, raw-treated wood cabinetry.

rustic style kitchen 8

Image credit: Es Bec d’Aguila

Eclectic international spirit touches this rustic kitchen design composition renovated by Paris-based design studio Atelier du Pont. At first glance, the Mediterranean aesthetic of whitewashed walls, tiled floors, and built-in furniture is in contradiction with the more modern mid-century furniture selection from England, France, Denmark and Spain, including trendy copper lamps. Still, the overall feel is enhanced by the organic collection of custom-made textiles and a plethora of wooden textures. A cosmopolitan aura is brought to the composition by a bold selection of contemporary art and trendy design furniture and tile cladding.

green rustic style kitchen

Image credit: Xinara House

Xinara House is a beautiful, newly-converted classic Cyclades stone-built house from the 17th-18th centuries. The open floor configuration of the kitchen and dining area alternates fresh white and grass green with stone structures and wooden ceiling beams. Custom made elements with light modern stylistic are combined with retro cabinets and organic additions.

rustic style kitchen massive wooden table

Image credit: Can Olives

This modern beauty entwines the contemporary urban stylistic with key rustic decor features – white clay shelving, massive wooden structures, and retro cabinetry, and furniture details, all illuminated by trendy copper lamps.

rustic style craftwork kitchen

Image credit: Katrin Arens

From the series of “how do designers and architects compose their homes?” get a glimpse of designer Katrin Arens’s kitchen in Lombardy. A beauty of rustic and organic details, and intriguing usage of unusual items – like the pallet on the wall turned into a decorative plate rack.

This communal ding area in a stylish hotel on the island of Menorca used in its decor composition local craft details – whitewashed clay surfaces and woven or wooden furniture elements carefully restored by a team of local craftsmen. It is simple yet welcoming and elegant.

This eclectic mixture of dynamic urban chic and rustic and organic elements is located in a six-bedroom brownstone home in Brooklyn Heights. The main focal center of the composition is the misshapen organic dining table combined with the simple shape of the dining chairs. This earthly and rustic note is further enhanced by the beauty of the massive log side-table. The ceramic pendant lights and the trendy metal frames of windows or mirror introduce the modern context to the composition.

dining area pendant lamp installation glass artist Massimo Maci

Image credit: Bo Bedre

Playful and creative pendant lamps installation by local glass artist Massimo Maci catches the attention of this stylish dining room composition. The organic and rustic beauty of the walls is matched by the antique table piece taking the central position. This vintage hint of the decor is juxtaposed by the modern touch of the cabinetry and the Eames chairs.

modern rustic furniture dining area

Image credit: Casas AD

Rustic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The hot and trendy elements of modern rustic bedroom’s design include: canopy beds, woven osier and rattan furniture designs, an abundance of organic and ethno textiles, linen and cotton, Moroccan rugs and even a tribal art decorative elements. Those combinations create a warm and cozy ambiance for the most privet and relaxation orientated space of the home.

trendy elements modern rustic bedroom canopy bed 1

Image credit: Paly Architects

The organic feel of modern rustic decors is perfect for the purity of the bedroom’s design required by the contemporary lifestyle. Amazing art and craftsmanship items are easy to find and an absolute must for the identity project. The entwinement of organic, natural materials with rich textural additions gives an advantageous edge to any modern configurations.

rustic bed canopy netting curtain 2

Image credit: Annabell Kutucu

And the canopy beds are always a cozy, romantic, and stylish addition to your sanctuary space. Their design can include a textural coverage or just the frame; in any case, a canopy bed structure gives a character and comfy refuge to any modern decor.

lace bed canopy mosquito net 4

Image credit: Elle Decor

rustic bedroom tribal art decorative elements 4

Image credit: est living

Totems and ethno textiles add an artistic edge and character to the modern composition of your bedroom.

rustic bedroom black white decor 2

Image credit: Pamela Makin

This minimalist beauty in white and black relies on the antique style wooden bench to introduce warmth and, together with the rustic textiles, give substance and cozy emanation to this modern rustic bedroom configuration.

rustic bedroom moroccan rug organic textile

Image credit: Xinara House

Fresh compositions that include attractive Moroccan rug centers, custom made structures and lively green accents.

rustic bedroom organic ethnic textile

Image credit: Monsieur Didot

rustic bedroom rattan rug ethnic tiles

Image credit: Es Bec d’Aguila

Here we have vintage nuances to the rustic clay structure serving as a bed headboard. The copper color tonalities and textiles give a warm hint to the whiteness.

rustic bedroom black rattan bed 3

Image credit: Yatzer

Rustic Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas

And after the cozy, welcoming project of the bedroom achieved with the help of few rustic inspirations, we come to the conclusion of this research with the rustic stylistic inspiration for the bathroom. Usually, bathrooms are small premises that do not allow a spin of imagination. Still, the good news is that with the modern rustic design stylistics, a unique emanation and energetic personality for the space can be achieved often only by cleverly chosen finishes or just one glamorous, central piece.

rustic outdoor bathroom freestanding bathtub

Image credit: Bali Villa Massilia

Antique pieces with strong character: bathtubs or mirrors, playful materials selection – rustic reclaimed wood, natural stone, vintage patterns, or lightly painted pieces are all very welcome when one creates his rustic inspired bathroom project. It isn’t so hard, and sometimes just one spin of imagination can give you the right outlook. From vintage tubs to exquisite light fixtures from centuries past, weathered patinas and rough surfaces, clay finishes, and unusual stone cladding – they all bring not only unique personality to your bathroom design project but also unmistakable rustic charm. Let’s take a closer look at some rustic inspired bathroom’s design projects from around the world.

rustic bathroom outdoor shower

Image credit: Bali Villa Massilia

The half open premises and the stone mosaic patio in this modern rustic project of a bathroom gives a unique identity to the stylish space configuration.

rustic bathroom outdoor shower13

Image credit: Bali Villa Massilia

Beautiful entwinement of reclaimed wood and stone structures with the romantic hint of antique and vintage details.

rustic bathroom covering walls ceilings 6

Image credit: Custom Home Online

Stone basin and stone like tiles all refreshed and lighten up by woven decorative items and fresh green plants.

rustic bathroom covering walls ceilings 5

Image credit: Bali Interiors

Want your bathroom to look trendy and stylish? Now, using brick for the bathroom cladding may be somewhat unconventional but is actually quite a felicitous touch- the bricks are good isolating material, withstand humidity, require little maintenance, and give an “uau” effect. Stylishly situated on the border of rustic and industrial, the bricks wall will provide a unique identity to your bathroom project.

rustic bathroom brick covering walls 11

Image credit: Bo Bedre

And as we mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, just one unique detail can give the modern rustic feel of your bathroom’s design. Mirrors are an important part of the configuration, and selecting one with personality and history can be quite a catch.

small rustic bathroom mirrors 1

Image credit: los enamorados

Nothing is more country than repurposing something old like vintage, antique, or even an ex-window piece into your own, personal “mirror on the wall”. Look to flea markets, antique stores, and yard sales for the right piece for you.

small rustic bathroom mirrors 10

Image credit: Marta Castellano

If not the mirror, the bathtub can be the piece that gives identity to your modern bathroom project with rustic inspiration. Stone or wood clad, simple and minimalist modern shaped or with a rich vintage outlook, and lion – legged tubs are all a suitable option with the rustic decor. We recommend thinking antiqued, romantic, and unexpected when selecting rustic. The selected examples benefit from a charming fusion between fine and functional forms.

rustic bathroom stone walls freestanding bathtub

Image credit: Kubili House

small rustic bathroom timber cladding 12

Image credit: est living

After all, the only limit is the imagination and what nature has provided as materials. And that is the only frame of this inspirational and hot trend – the rustic modern design configurations for any space of your home.

rustic bathroom freestanding bathtub

Image credit: Bo Bedre

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