Floating House Hidden in Plain Sight

By on December 14, 2019 Outdoor Spaces

floating house talleresque 6

A house inside a vertical spiral hides in the depths of its surroundings. The integration between outside and inside is the main ingredient – much before any construction material or form.

floating house talleresque 3

The luminous and protective structure decides to be inspired by the trees around it. Like roots, it sets its nine supports to stand tall in a vertical slope in the heights of Mexico City.

floating house talleresque 1

Casa Flotante” is much more than all its spaces. It’s a bridge between nature and shelter. The key: Simplicity, transparency and touch. The texture absorbs the local materials to turn them into an experience.

floating house talleresque 4

Made of light and reflections, the atmosphere multiplies its views and sensations. Size and proportion lets one ascend in a spiral, through the house between the studio and the bedroom: Between pleasure and creation; through thoughts and dreams. Photographs: Studio Chirika

floating house talleresque 5

floating house talleresque 2

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