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By on January 3, 2012 Outdoor Spaces

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The architects behind this rare hotel complex are the Lotus Praxis Initiative based in India. Their talent knows no bounds as exemplified in their approach to designing the four original standing buildings together with three modern ones (all built in the sultry red sandstone) whilst maintaining an organic earthiness throughout the property. This natural feel is a nice opposition to the luxury that abounds and works to ground the hotel avoiding a ”stuffy” or snobby aspect. The architects allowed the natural beauty of Jodhpur to lead them. One can see the story that The Lotus Praxis Initiative has put into the luxurious hideaway. The RAAS is a re creation of the city in which it stands with its body of water in the center, a square, an eclectic mix of styles both old and new and striking views of the Mehrangarh from each and every room just as each house within Jodhpur has a view of the fortress. via

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