Sunny and Almost Minimalist Design Villa in Morocco

By on June 7, 2019 Home Decor

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This holiday home in Morocco, offers aesthetically pleasing refuge in warm paradise, but that is not what captured our attention. The sunny and almost minimalist design with its unexpected twists and artistic inspirations is what did. The interior décor project of Villa Lotus is led by its owner and talented designer Willem Smit.

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The Moroccan climate and its specific open and sunny architecture is reflected in the construction of this beautiful stone and concrete villa located near Essaouira. Aiming to create an eclectic interior composition where noting is too much the designer combined contemporary minimalism and trendy decor additions with antique pieces of furniture, local textiles and materials and Mid-Century Modern design elements from a renowned artist.

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The beautiful stone, concrete and wood texture of the architectural shell is left free and further underlined by the exciting design mixture of old and new. The concrete additions and some unexpected decor solutions (like the plastic chairs around the original wooden dining table) give a modernistic touch to the composition.

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Our favorite color, texture and shapes composition is around the L-shaped infinity pool. Here trendy outdoor furniture pieces, in sunny yellow, coexist with traditional for Morocco large clay pots (with the cute accent of hot pink blossoms) in striking contrast with the blue of the pool ( and the distant view of the Atlantic Sea). This composition is underlined by the rich textural accent of the stone and concrete silhouette of the house (with its trendy, black metal framed glass doors and windows) and the lonely desert tree with its romantic presence.

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The interior decor of the home also offers picturesque and stylish solutions with an eclectic hart. Contemporary art pieces (like the modern framed photography hanging on the rich textural walls) and Mid-Century Modern style furniture elements (including renowned design additions by Greta Magnusson-Grossman and Eames) complete the stylish decor composition. The open-plan kitchen and living room offer contemporary comfort and purity of design in combination with Mid-Century Modern shapes and tradition inspired colors and textures. Photos by Le Collectionist;

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