Dreamy Loft on the Island of Ibiza

By on May 20, 2019 Home Decor

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A total transformation from an old abandoned warehouse to a dreamy loft on the island of Ibiza. On a remote mountain field in the rugged north of Ibiza lies this beautiful island home. What formerly served as a workshop and storage, has now been turned into a contemporary dream house. The owner of Ibiza Interiors and the Nieuw developed this 100 year old warehouse into a design guesthouse and showcase project.

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When interior architect Jurjen van Hulzen saw the structure and location of the building, the concept for the design was born. Concrete columns and steel beams were carrying a typical Ibizan ‘sabina beam’ roof. A mix of the industrial structure combined with the rustic roof formed the concept for the rest of the design: an interesting play and contrast between rustic and industrial. That’s also how it’s got the name ‘Campo Loft’, which basically means ‘industrial open living space on the field’.

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The beautiful traditional building structure has been preserved to keep the character of the typical Ibizan architecture. Basic and local materials have been used; a concrete floor, chalk and mud plastered stone walls and ‘sabina beams’ made from trees that only grow on the island. A new material that has been incorporated into the house is steel. A powdercoated steel is used for the window frames and doors, and there’s a custom made raw steel kitchen.

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The result is a fantastic contemporary natural residence where contrast plays a big role; old and new, sleek and rustic, light and dark, rough and soft. At the same time there’s a certain balance as well, and everywhere you look something is happening. With an incredible view from the mountain, a yoga platform on the roof and many fruit trees and a vegetable garden, this is truly a piece of paradise. The Campo Loft is now being used as a showcase project and guesthouse. A unique place to relax and unwind, designed by and for design lovers.

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