Dream Home Paradise in Brazil

By on May 1, 2019 Home Decor

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Casa Almesca is another inspired and rich project of studio VivaDeVila –masters of seamless connection between inside and out, organic materials palette and stylish combinations between rustic and trendy décor elements. In other words – warm climate, dream paradise homes.

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This project presents us with large, open volumes, impressive architectural and sculptural details and exquisite materials, and of course, the beautiful furniture elements picked by the designers – an inspired combination between craft’s work, restored vintage pieces, custom made elements and trendy organic insertions. The stylish beauty of the place and the strong, organic materials expression of the décor starts from the foyer of the home.

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Here the dark wooden floors (which continue throughout the vast social areas) are imaginatively paired up with clay finishes for the walls, woven roof coverage and beautiful vintage elements like the entry bench and the restored green entrance door. Charming, cozy and with a hint of luxury – perfect representation of what await us inside the house.

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The main social areas are not only vast open premises decided in trendy open layout combination between kitchen, dining and living room areas – but they also enjoy openness vertically and horizontally with their seamless connection towards the beautiful gardens. The gardens deserve their own exploration, but we will mention only the whimsical woven banana leaves hummocks that invite and give rich focal accent to the composition. The openness of the premises vertically provides a full experience of the sloped wooden roof construct and its structural and textural beauty, which supplements the organic decor composition wonderfully.

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vidadevila casa almesca 16

Large pieces of furniture and impressive decorative elements (in this count the artistic, craft’s design of the lighting solutions and lamps) give a beautiful organic focal point to different angles of the social zone’s open layout. In the kitchen and dining area, custom-made elements (like the simple-lined kitchen island- a signature element of the designers) combine with crafts additions and vintage furniture elements- stylishly all sustained with natural textures and organic insertions. The same goes for the living premises and semi-open terraces – here large sofas invite for relaxation and gathering with friends.

vidadevila casa almesca 13

Another detail of this beautiful and organic decor composition wort mentioning is the exquisite master-bathroom zing, crafted from a single wooden piece and covered in dark varnish. Wonderful and exotic touch for the decor. Canopy beds, linen upholstery and textures, beautiful wooden structures and inner-courtyards with inviting water accents (all characteristic for the designers’ signature decor elements) complete the picture of this beautiful and stylish tropical home.

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