Bohemian Casa Lola as Tropical Paradise

By on April 22, 2019 Home Decor

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Casa Lola – the cute name corresponds to a cute villa interior, under the warm tropical sun. The architects had restored this beautiful house into dream paradise refuge for any lover of the organic and rustic home sanctuary.

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The two volumes of the home are connected by an inner-patio yard with oh, so inviting swimming pool area. This „ middle ground“ forms a magnificent paradise-like garden and thanks to the openness of the volumes hosting bedrooms and social premises, create a seamless connection between all zones of the villa, between nature and home.

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The lush plant life and beautiful flowers of the landscape – including magnificent green roof vegetation- create such a natural and exquisite beauty atmosphere that the interior décor composition can be nothing less than organic and “down to earth”( including in its tactile sensations). Using antique pieces of furniture and decoration, restoring the original doors and structural elements of the home the architects preserved the rich history and exquisite textural experience of the villa.

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Polished concrete and clay floors and structural elements (especially in the kitchen zone were the kitchen island and zing- countertop appear to be extending seamlessly from the floor) give a smooth and modern touch without contradicting the organic and vernacular feel of the house design. Trendy décor elements – like the beautiful canopy-bed in the master bedroom, with its aerial white linen drapery or the large modular furniture pieces – are decided in the spirit of rustic inspiration using natural elements, raw wood, and linen to fit perfectly with the original, antique décor details.

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Restored vintage pieces of furniture coexist beautifully with custom made details, all sustained in organic and light stylistics. We love the way in which the light color palette – achieved by using beached wood structures and furniture, light gray clay and concrete surfaces and luminous white textural elements creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that has the spirit of summer embodied into its nuclear.

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