Masculine and Organic Ambiance at Casa Cook Chania

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Casa Cook Chania 2

A boutique beach resort with a masculine and organic ambiance enjoys an open connection with its gardens. Created in collaboration between design studio Lambs and Lions and Annabell Kutucu this amazing resort located in Chania is 5 miles from Venizelos Graves, Crete, Greece possesses some of our favorite features.

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We love organic homes (as it’s obvious from our selection) but when this natural, almost rural feel, is entwined with hot and trendy contemporary techniques and design expressions things get even more interesting. Here the dark colors have a base of intriguing materials selection – row concrete structural elements give dynamic almost urban feel balanced by gorgeous dark brown wood, linen and baboon elements. This striking combination creates such an exquisite organic feel and rich textural experience for the home that it brings the insertion of tribble art décor elements into new levels. It is refreshing when the balance between rural and contemporary is found with such exquisite fines.

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The hotel design offers an unobstructed and free connection between the interior and the gardens and water bodies surrounding the bulding. We just adore the cozy terrace arrangement in front the bedroom – lush plants, trendy furniture elements, inviting cushions (with characteristic for the whole house design composition – artistic detailing) are huddled behind privacy – securing, beautiful stone wall. Only two concrete steps separate the elegant master bedroom ambiance from the inviting (for a relaxing morning coffee experience or late afternoon book reading on the lounge) terrace sanctuary.

Casa Cook Chania 9

And speaking about concrete some very interesting structures and custom made furniture elements throughout the house capture with their deep gray, stony textural accent. Starting with the smooth and contemporary base given by the wall’s surfaces to the rest of the organic and dark, masculine décor of the main living premises – here the concrete accents add dynamic feel.

Casa Cook Chania 1

The stone and concrete structures – benches, niches, countertops and furniture details throughout the resort deserve special attention. How about the beautiful and artistic stone decorative elements and sculptures giving a special accent to the elegant décor arrangement? Even In the bathrooms – concrete and stone entwine in clear-lined beauty with contemporary expression to create a clean and functional ambiance.

Casa Cook Chania 6

The linen and woven textural elements are also impressive. They underline the organic beauty of the whole décor compositions – the mediteranian tradition inspiration found in the separating wooden and bamboo screens, the simplistic grace of the decorative pottery, the dark wood décor details are all in a very cozy and elegant place surrounded by linen curtains, upholsteries and detailing.

Casa Cook Chania 3

Opening Summer 2019; Interior Curation, Styling and Decoration by Annabell Kutucu; in collaboration with Lambs and Lions; Architectural Design and Master-Planning by K-studio; Landscaping: FYTRON Landscapes; Architectural lighting: Lighting + Archtitecture Studio; Images: Georg Roske, Ana Santa;

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