Santorini’s Newest Addition – Istoria Hotel by IdLaboratorium

By on March 28, 2019 Outdoor Spaces

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IdLaboratorium presents its first holistic architectural and design project Istoria hotel a unique Mediterranean sanctuary inspired by people’s original stories.

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The fundamental design idea of Istoria stems from the building itself and the stories of the people who have resided in it throughout the years. A deserted private residence neighboring a deep blue patch of the Aegean Sea is transformed to a boutique hotel for travelers with eclectic taste, inspired by luminous images and Mediterranean locations.

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IdLaboratorium’s initial contact with the existing building, in September 2017, brought to light a true story from the building’s past. The premises included 5 stables where the former owner used to keep her beloved horses. This long forgotten story became the spark of inspiration for a collection of different ideas and images, gathered from around the world in order to form a new residential experience.

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The design is an unconventional combination of Mediterranean features and different architectural and design elements which embrace the distinctive traditional architecture of Santorini Island. Having a pure boutique approach as an architectural outline, every suite is distinctive while emitting a sense of refined simplicity. The design study encountered architectural idiosyncrasies in the existing building body that called for a particular approach since the former residence had to be remodeled from scratch so as to accommodate 12 suites.

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Authentic elements that were found in the old residence, such as parts of the old wooden roof and stone pillars, were incorporated in the interior design, offering a theatrical touch to the hotel spaces while creating a dialogue between the present and the past. For the interior of the 12 suites, IdLaboratorium combined the simplified minimalism of the Cycladic style together with emblematic details.

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The interchange between large and small proportions of the building’s openings as well as the asymmetry of the interior spaces awakens the recollection of being in a friendly house, inviting the visitor to sink into a warm feeling of authentic hospitality. The design is an eclectic amalgamation of new and old materials.

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Black volcanic stone, terracotta colored plaster, light and dark colored wood, raw pieces of rock and black sand from the island’s beaches are the main design elements that are intertwined with the verdant Mediterranean flora such as century old olive trees, herbs and aloe. The furniture is combined with distressed pieces of stone, while the traditional art of rope weaving was used for certain pieces.

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The shades and decorative elements are mostly inspired by the archaeological findings and murals that were discovered in the prehistoric settlement of the Akrotiri area. Istoria is predominated by beige shaded walls, earthy fabrics along with deep blue details and enchanting terracotta tones complementing the connection with the history, the energy and the unique soil of Santorini Island.

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