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Spring is coming! Are you excited as much as we are? Well, if you are, there is a significant holiday coming that calls for celebration, decoration, and beauty. Easter is the major landmark for Europe and Christians around the world to celebrate the rebirth of life, the new beginning and the energizing change in the circle of life – namely Spring.

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But no matter the religion and believes we all deserve beautiful homes, celebratory spirit and happiness – so let’s explore the beauty which you can bring into your home for the holidays. And, as always, we will offer you to explore stylish, inspired and beautiful creations from the world’s design scene and artisans that celebrate spring and Easter.

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This time with an inclination towards more natural materials and elements, including how you can dye your Easter eggs with healthy and natural methods.

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Entwining branches, pink and peach-colored blossoming twigs into delicate egg nest is the simplest, yet most symbolic decorative element you can add to your home design. In Europe, the season of change gives us the gentile, fresh greens of first spring and the neutral colors – somewhere between snow, sand and light soil to successfully compose well-balanced color compositions for our Easter decorations. How is it where e you live? What will inspire you from your natural surrounding?

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Easter Table Decoration

As it is with many holiday celebrations – the rich table setting (symbolizing wealth and hope for a better feature) – is an essential element of the celebratory spirit.

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So how to decorate – without too much effort and expense, but yet with a touch of dash and festive sparkle our Easter tables? You can decorate them with paper ornaments, flowers, branches or, yes, of course, Easter eggs!

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If you feel inspired, you can add apples, cherries ( if ready) or other seasonal splashes of color. But the entwinement of white, light pink and fresh green is quite suitable not only for the coloring of the season but also for trendy and elegant Easter decorations. Brunch of blooming branches is just ‘a must’ for your Easter table.

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Flower Posies

What symbolizes better the beauty of rebirth of life than budding little flower posies? A simple yet powerful decorative element for your Easter decor.

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You can use pussy willows, tulips or Ranunculus – they all carry the promise of life, the beauty of nature and the miracle of rebirth. And the surrounding composition can be simple or elaborative – is your choice the flower posies possess their own complicated beauty.

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Floral and Easter Egg Wreaths

Here is one more complicated Easter decoration element and a DIY idea that requires craftiness and artistic inspiration – the Easter egg wreaths.

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Entwined in a circle ( powerful celebratory symbol) the floral and egg embellished wreath is a wonderful decoration element for doors, walls, windows and tables alike. Give it a try. After weaving the floral wreath from materials of your choice – branches, twigs, flowers, textile details, feathers, and even sparkling metal wires – why not gluing wooden eggs onto it, for the ultimate Easter decoration?

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DIY Easter Moss Egg Ideas

This DIY spring decor idea takes the traditional painted egg and gives it a modern and earthy update. And as we know the DIY movement for holiday decorations is quite powerful in the last years.

It entwines the fresh spring color of the green moss with the rebirth symbolism of the delicate egg shape. Adding an expressive textural element into your Easter decoration project the moss egg also brings a small piece of nature and mountains inspiration into your home. Even a simple moss rock can become e an exquisite Easter decoration. In this case shaped like eggs they have an inspired double symbolism.

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Spring & Easter Decor Ideas

Here are some retro-inspired ideas that are based on our belief that the glorious greens and delicate pinks of spring will look even more alive and striking next to shabby textures.

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You know that imperfection can be exquisite on its own merit and underline the natural beauty like nothing else – so do not be afraid to use rusty old patches, faded paint, dented metal, and scrappy old buckets to relocate some of your Easter decorations.

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It will bring beautiful contrast and inspired art identity into your Easter decoration project. Besides – reuse, reduce, recycle can have many forms and be especially applicable for holiday decoration ideas.

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Natural Dye for Easter Eggs

One of the leading beauty elements of a proper Easter decoration are the eggs, of course. Coloring and painting them can be immense fun and wonderful pastime for the whole family – but there is a fact not many of you know.

A lot of the conventional colors and dyes used for coloring the Easter eggs can be toxic- containing many chemicals and harmful elements. And they are absorbed by eggs shell. So how to achieve a healthy and beautiful result. Well, nature provides us with many natural dye colors and ingredients you can find in your kitchen. Here are some tips and recipes for you to achieve healthy and beautiful colors for your Easter eggs.

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Using only ingredients that can be found in many kitchens – foods or spices – you can have beautiful, healthy, artistic and luminous results. Some initial tips for a maximum result – use eggs with lighter, white if possible, shells.

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The intensity of the color can be increased by longer exposure of the eggs – after boiling; 30 min or more- even a whole night- to the coloring element. Do not fear of destroying the boiled eggs for further consumption- the ingredients we are about to suggest to you are harmless and cannot bring health issues (in a difference of the chemicals contained by some of the conventional egg dyes).

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Natural Dyeing – What Kinds of Colors Can You Get?

If you want red eggs- the most traditional ones symbolizing the blood of Christ – you can use beetroot or red onion – the latter gives a beautiful brown nuance to the eggs. Our experience is that the best and most intense color red can be achieved by boiling the eggs with the herb borshch.

For sunny yellow – use turmeric or chamomile. Again, boiling it with the eggs for around 10 min. and then letting them stay until the shade you want is achieved. Green: spinach or nettles; Blue: blue cabbage, all kinds of blueberries; Purple-red: wine; Brown: onion layers, black tea or coffee;

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How To Dye Easter Eggs Naturally?

Boil the eggs with a generous portion of the chosen ingredients – nettles, turmeric and so on – adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of apple vinegar to 800 ml. water. After boiling them to the condition, you like for your eggs (hard or medium) live them in the colored water as long as it takes to achieve the wanted nuance of the color you seek. Keep in mind that the intensity or the nuances of the colors achieved by those natural dyes can vary depending on the time or the condition of the ingredients or spices used – fresh, dry, spring or autumn picked.

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And usually, the final color results are more pastel, delicate and light than the ones bought from the supermarket. You can mix or have fun with the coloring – for example, to have a beautiful green you can use spinach and nettles, or dye the egg first yellow with the turmeric and then put it with the blue of the cabbage. Experiment and enjoy.

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If you are in creative and artistic mood you can add spring leafs, bee wax paintings or other decorative element on the egg’s shell.

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The irregular coloring, different shade spots and delicate pastel colors of the naturally dyed eggs are a wonderful representation of the coming of the Spring, the beauty of Nature, and the resurrection of its elements. And know that decorating your home or space with love and taste is a natural impulse that always brings beauty and joy into our lives. Enjoy the sun and blossom with the trees.

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