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Fan of woven osier decorative elements, vernacular furniture details, organic textures, and nature-inspired architectural compositions? This is your place then. Sitting on its own peninsula on the Greek island of Mykonos, The Scorpios retreat is a result of the creative collaboration between k-studio architects, Michael Schickinger and Annabell Kutucu.

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Beautiful natural surroundings (the property is hugged by the wild wonder of a protected natural reserve) inspired the creation of stunning, leisure time decor with rich and organic features and inspired architectural compositions. The location, the materials selection, the shapes, and textures celebrate the beach- life and the beauty of nature (including the magical location allowing visitors to enjoy sunset and sunrise over beautiful landscape) offering relaxed and inviting ambiance for its guests.

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Secluded beach terrace, a rustic chic restaurant overlooking the sea, beautiful stone constructs of the hotels and social areas, the Sunset Terrace – where internationally renowned artists perform live music – all areas of the Scorpio retreat offer exquisite decor stylistic and inspired vernacular decor elements. Celebrating the traditional craftsmanship the design team used locally sourced materials and classic Cycladic construction techniques from the whitewashed stone house compositions to the knitted hammocks and woven straw furniture elements.

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Entwining organic materials and bohemian style interior design elements (including some spirited details from the design’s team travels that add a worldly feel to the composition) the designers created a space not only for relaxation but one that evokes a spiritual celebration of the natural beauty. The interior of all premises features an intriguing mixture of custom-made furniture and textural elements, farmhouse chairs and colorful knick-knacks next to wicker baskets and rough wooden stools and tables, all laid on the base of natural and serene color palette.

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