Full Renovation and Redesign of the Porto Fira Suites in Santorini

By on January 14, 2019 Outdoor Spaces

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What happens when clever design combines contemporary, minimalist purity with organic materials, vernacular decoration elements, and breathtaking natural surroundings? Well, a piece of heaven, of course – in the beautiful Greek island of Santorini the architectural studio IdLaboratorium renovated an old church into exquisite guest villa – hotel with inspired interior decor.

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The combination of the churches’ minimal solemnity with is heavenly location, and the exquisite decor compositions give us a breathtaking result of sunny luminosity and beautiful decor stylistics. Using exquisite materials palate – from aged wood and metal to trendy brass, traditional textiles and vernacular patterns – the designers composed such a tranquil and welcoming ambiance that it gives you one of these gut feelings – just looking at pictures is not enough – being there, touching the textures and feeling the sun on your skin is more like it.

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The whitewash walls give a minimalist and modern backdrop for the beautiful decor details- from the traditional kilims, macramé elements and textures to some amazing custom-made details- like the cabinet and closet doors, which have been handcrafted out of Viennese wicker and sandblasted oak wood- this particular element inspiration comes from the religious past of the place and references the old doors found on the confessionals of the island’s Catholic monasteries.

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Another inspired and intriguing touch of the design project are the multiple bathtubs, infinity swimming pools and bodies of water and their fresh stylistic, that make the spiritual and visual connection between the surrounding Aegean Sea and the island’s sunny atmosphere.

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Under the exquisite stylistic of the arched windows, doors, and passages the entwinement of rich, vernacular textures and carefully selected (in some cases – custom-made) pieces of modern furniture and lighting fixtures give a well-balanced and intriguing emanation to the villa’s decor. The monochrome color palette is dominated by the infinite white, of course, but delicate shades of gray, blue and beige add to the fresh summer feel and warm emanation of the decor composition.  Photos by Giorgos Sfakianakis;

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