Mora Restaurant – an Project Based on a Neo-Mediterranean and Contemporary Duality

By on January 9, 2019 Outdoor Spaces

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At the foot of the spectacular Guadalest Castle, and the Sierra de Aitana mountains on which it rests, is the Mora Restaurant, an interior design proposal by La Mamba and El Atelier. With an interior design inspired by craftsmanship, local plants and materials that provide the space with warmth, from a new perspective.

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Reeds in the roof, wicker in the utensils, linen in the textiles and wood in the furniture are just some of the distinguishing features of this restaurant, which comes to life against the white canvas of its walls and the stoves of the kitchen.

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The new architectonic design of the Mora Restaurant has eliminated the old roof to open up the view of Guadalest Castle. The entrance transmits the sensation of home, of a space for welcoming and saying goodbye, which gives access to the patio, a traditional element of Mediterranean homes. This interior patio has been conceived and designed as a meeting point, in the open air, at the foot of the Sierra de Aitana mountains, by way of a link between the access area and the restaurant itself.

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The nature and diversity of structures visually define both the patio and the interior, with a balance that transmits serenity, light and warmth and which, together with the views of Guadalest castle, make an incomparable setting for the gastronomic fusion of the restaurant.

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All the furniture in the restaurant has been custom-designed to suit the needs of this gastronomic space, with pure white built-in pieces that evoke the traditional whitewashed benches typical of the Mediterranean, complemented by furniture created from wicker, rattan and wood.

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All the elements included in the design of this interior are framed in a serene, austere, fresh, luminous and warm pallet, which ranges from white through earth colours to green, bringing the surrounding natural environment indoors. The interior spaces are adorned with local flora, set off by the custom-designed furniture.  Photos: David Zarzoso.

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