Old Family House Turned into Hotel

By on May 3, 2018 Inspiration

colonte hotel 11

Charming Colonté boutique hotel in Valladolid, Mexico suggests a new concept of casual luxury: less brightness, less ostentation, and more soul.

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This unique space is a magical combination of natural elements, modern architecture, perfect location, and luxury. Every detail is carefully selected: colors, textures, lighting.

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Colonté was born from the old family house, full of history and life, reinvented to create a vital experience that flows from the essence of Yucatan itself and where the stone, water, and the sun combine to create the highest luxury; the home away from home.

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Colonté is a space designed for balance; a place of peace and contemplation, to admire the world and its beauty, a place to observe it and simply to agree; take the time and see among the trees the play of lights and leftovers when the breeze shakes the branches. Here, every little detail speaks directly to the soul; here the water, the sun, and the stone bathe in a garden of tranquility and beauty.

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