House That Maintains Visual Connections to its Surroundings

By on April 26, 2018 Home Decor

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A magnificent contemporary home with organic materials palette and breathtaking views stands guard on the seacoast of Chile. The architects from SUN Arquitectos had used the challenging terrain of the Chilean coastline to create a contemporary floating home.

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The combination between the warm barn-style wooden pavilion and inverted wooden ship the house architectural construct is nested between the problematic, sloping terrain, between rock, trees, and magnificent seacoast views. Using thick stone walls to modify the extreme topography and long lasting materials with great presence: like marble, wood, stone; to withstand the harsh sea climate, and the modern hint introduced by the concrete, steel and glass structures, the architects created a harmonious and beautifully connected with its surrounding house.

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The home architecture is clear-lined, expressive, with fluid motion between premises and with an organic connection between the inside and the outside nature. An elegant entwinement of contemporary simplicity and rustic warmth gives the house exterior and interior a unique charm and very welcoming expression.

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The continuity of the materials palette from the exterior construct to the interior design arrangement gives a pure and light emanation to the ambiance. Check out the harmonious coexistence of the generous architectural woodwork in the living-dining area assembly: the high wooden ceiling, walls, and beams are so in tune with the elegant lines of the organic wooden finishing, from chairs and stools to tables and tribal inspired lamps.

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This materials expression gives a golden glow of the interior decor that is very welcoming and tranquil. Soft beige and gray hues spiced up by the occasional black metal or white textile accents create a very sophisticated color selection that enhances the comfort and welcoming atmosphere.

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The interior decor composition relies on the primary architectural construct to enhance its rustic and organic charm pieces of the original construct: like exposed stone walls, beautiful woodwork structures and of course the vast transparency of the glass facade and sky openings creates major focal points and visual anchors of the interior decor composition. Light, organic textures, woven and nature-inspired furniture, some antique pieces, and some contemporary comfort additions compose this well balanced and expressive ambiance.  Photography by Nico Saieh

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el boldo house sun arquitectos 15

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