A Perfect Combination for a Home Away from Home

By on March 30, 2018 Home Decor

milos house

The summery feel of the light blue windows and doors frames invites you into an ambiance of light organic composition and beautiful combinations of old and new. The Milos House aesthetics combines historical, rustic elements, modern minimalism, and bright whiteness.

k studio milos house 1

This vacation home on the beautiful island of Milos, Greece was originally built in the 1813s and is recently brought to new life by the architectural practice K-Studio. Entwining contemporary design features with the traditional feel of the old stone houses of the island (which own proudly their wooden spine and shell of infinite whiteness) the designers composed an easy-going ambiance with simple features, but with a lot of character – a perfect combination for a home away from home.

k studio milos house 3

Uncovering the original design the architects left the rich organic feel of the gorgeous wooden ceilings, the charming windows and doors frames and the local stone floors to dominate the purity of the decor composition. Using light colors, organic materials palette and beautiful examples of custom handcrafted furniture that celebrates the local artisan style the designers composed a serine and welcoming ambiance – perfect for a sea home.

k studio milos house 7

Just look at the harmonious simplicity, symmetry and organic feel of the living premise composition: infinite whiteness, a powerful combination of trendy design elements. Like the elegant pending lamps and local craft furniture, emphasis on linen, wool, wood and other organic textures- beauty and comfort that invite you to relax and enjoinment. The same marriage between contemporary touches and ecological history – all expressed in luminous and almost minimalist manner can be observed throughout the house.

k studio milos house 8

k studio milos house 6

k studio milos house 12

k studio milos house 2

k studio milos house 13

k studio milos house 4

k studio milos house 5

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