Deep indigo, blue decor

By on March 6, 2015 Decorating Ideas

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From pale ice blue to deep indigo, blue decor is having a moment. Blue makes a superb color use for your interior decorating. The next inspirational designs include interior with a great palette of blue colors, from Navy Blue to a subtle pastel shade of Bluebell White and a lot more.

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Blue and green colors became very popular in recent years, from soft light green color shades, bright citrus hints, airy sky blue tones to attention grabbing turquoise and rich green color hues, and to hi-tech futuristic and bright blue-green interior design color combinations that are great for contemporary room design.

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easter dining room

Light blue and green colors create harmonious analogous color combinations for very attractive interior design. Blue and green colors add beautiful touches to home furnishings and are suitable for various wall and furniture painting ideas. Cool jade hues of green colors are associated with healing and natural protection. Light green colors decor accessories and interior painting colors are pleasant to the eye and convey a sense of beauty, peace, and calmness. Light blue and green color combinations make bedroom decor feel quiet and inviting.

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subtle pastel shade blue

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