Villa Fabrica Santorini by Yannis Kaklamanis

By on August 15, 2013 Outdoor Spaces

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The complex of buildings was built and used in the past for the production of wine and spaces of the structure thus served for the various processes of wine making and as a warehouse. Small rooms, in which was pressing grapes, are connected to a double height space where the barrels were placed.

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The various elements of the complex are grouped around a courtyard and create such an organization of space similar to that of a theater. Some buildings are reminiscent of the caves and hiding their forms, others are expressed in cubic. Local architectural elements like domes, arches, thick walls and small windows make up the complex geometry and shape of the buildings. The morphology and the vernacular architecture of the buildings in combination with some contemporary elements and endless views bring extraordinary experience of living spaces of an old building in a new look.

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