Very modern neon Easter

By on March 26, 2013 Decorating Ideas


You want a very modern trend in neon celebrate Easter? How to bunt: Bright colors and toy animals have priority over the traditional Easter decoration. The napkins with garish neon pressure complement the red-pink-mixed-service wonderful.


Eggs in neon colors

Collected in bowls and jars, colored eggs make the right impression. With spray paint it’s going faster, and the eggs shine your guests already receive from afar! To emphasize the artificiality of the decoration, we also have branches sprayed white.



Branches with paper eggs

Egg shapes out of tissue paper in matching pastel cut (at our decoration were chicken and goose eggs model). In addition, make a couple of sections of the same form of magazines, they form in the paper eggs modern visual contrast. The pieces of paper layering layers and sew with a colored thread along the center axis. Top should be about 20 cm of thread survive in order to hang the egg with a comfortable strap. The egg then – not evenly – fan out.




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