Tableware for any occasion

By on January 28, 2013 Decorating Ideas


Fresh outdoor elements and mismatched silverware lend casual elegance to a  table setting. Editorial photographer Line Klein photographed some very nice pages with tableware for any occasion.


Tips for using tableware

• Recruit accessory pieces for novel uses, such as table centerpieces. Arrange votives in decorative holders on a white platter, or place short-stem flowers in oasis material in white serving bowls.

• Nontraditional shapes help make a presentation more memorable. Hotel-style white dishes with wide rims are a timeless choice.

• Stark white – not oatmeal, not ivory – is the best seller in both formal and casual settings.

• A set of wide, low bowls belongs in every cook’s cupboard. Use them to serve fusion, Asian, Italian, Indian and Thai dishes.




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