Stylish Vintage Apartment

By on June 2, 2011 Home Decor

vintage apartment interior

It follows no written rules or guidelines but those of the designers beliefs and lifestyle. There is a greatness of optimism when we discover interiors such as this, exuberating originality and a very particular and strong design system. We like designers that think outside the box and have the confidence to break away from the heard.  Designers that when we are able to see behind their walls they surprise us and inspire us. Designers such as DIMORESTUDIO. via

vintage apartment interior kitchen

The residence has been designed creating a unique en vogue atmosphere with great detailing and timeless elegance. Upon entrance we instantly fell in love with the white French window and balcony door framings. Shutters from another circa with deep moldings and patterned ceiling designs are exactly what we anticipated from these interiors. This timeless character is also interpreted in the white glazed double door interior framing. The French influence is present in the different and eloquent finishes of these door frame details. A transitional style incorporated also in the build in fixtures to empasise the balance and character. One can say it’s a blend of Daliesque style meets French socialite.

vintage apartment interior livingroom

vintage apartment interior acsesory

vintage apartment interior living area

vintage apartment interior furnishing

vintage apartment interior furnishing1

vintage apartment interior bedroom

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