House inspired by natural course of the river

By on June 2, 2011 Home Decor

riverhouse outdoor

At the entrance you are greeted by a large-scale environment. Separate entrance from the living area, a large wooden box shaped like a wedge: a ploy to increase the sense of spatial depth. And the living introduces the theme of the house: the curvature of the wheel around the kitchen and dining offers, with its rounded course, a wide variety of views of the surrounding landscape. In contrast to the linearity of the house on the side of the road, the development of architecture blends convex and reflects the natural course of the river on which it overlooks. The large surface area and variety of environments, is rendered more harmonious use of warm materials and textures of nature, with clean lines and organic that cover the interior of this house typically Australian. via

riverhouse interior

riverhouse living room

large wooden box dining area

large wooden box kitchen

riverhouse bedroom

riverhouse pool

riverhouse outdoor pool area

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