Charming villa decor

By on August 27, 2012 Home Decor

local alentejan handicraft pieces living room decor

Inspired by the traditional design of latin mansions and medieval convents, around a patio, the contemporary architecture of Villa Extramuros reflects the charms of villages in Southern and Mediterranean Europe. Living spaces are hidden and protected from the outside in order to allow more privacy, but offer luminous views from inside. The decoration – carried out by the Parisians owners – is widely composed of pieces of designers from the 1950′s to now. But it also mixes with remarkable pieces of local Alentejan handicraft (carpets, blankets, cork, bowls, tiles, etc). via

villa extramuros living room

villa extramuros dining area

latin mansion villa decor

contemporary architecture villa outdoor

contemporary dining area villa outdoor

contemporary villa outdoor

villa extramuros outdoor

villa extramuros decor bedroom

villa extramuros bathroom

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