Bright monochrome decor

By on June 14, 2012 Home Decor

monochrome decor living area

The unassuming house in Amsterdam combines flexible ideas with the charm of patina. “All white, all white, but I rather cold” was the directive given by the Swedish Anders Eriksson to Dutch decorator AnoukB, when she entrusted the interior of his house in the center of Amsterdam.

monochrome decor

Repeating in her mind this view, the interior decorator got down to work and began searching the woods suitable for the new project. Painted white, satisfied the customer’s request for extra bright monochrome and managed to create the necessary warmth among the viable areas of the three-storey house, without converting it indifferent to icy “clinical”.

unassuming house amsterdam

flexible decor idea

monochrome decor house amsterdam

flexible idea decor

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