Five Volumes in One – House in Ibiza by Marià Castelló Martínez

By on March 5, 2020 Home Decor

house Sant Mateu Ibiza 17

Ca l’Amo is a plot of 42,385 m2 located at the north end of the San Mateo plain on the island of Ibiza. In it there is an area of pronounced topography and fanned by stone walls that generate an iconic landscape of the countryside of Ibiza. Over time and the progressive abandonment of agricultural activities, the terraces have been ambushed and today it is a forest area where mainly pine and juniper coexist. Read More

Casa Cal

By on February 24, 2020 Outdoor Spaces

cal house baaq 1

Casa Cal belongs to a coastal community of 8 houses in a coastal area near Puerto Escondido Oaxaca the mexican surf mecca. Casa Cal is a beach house that is distinguished by its modern design and a distribution of spaces that allows guests to enjoy the outdoors and take the most advantage of the panoramic view from the second level. Read More

Lift Treetop Boutique Hotel

By on February 19, 2020 Outdoor Spaces

lift treetop boutique hotel alexis dornier 8

Lift is a small experimental treetop boutique hotel located in a suburb of Ubud and Bali. Alexis Dornier architecture studio is in close proximity to it, and the beginnings of the project were a testing ground for ideas on how to lift structures off the ground, to have a less invasive footprint and impact, more cost effective and faster to build. Read More